And for once I couldn’t decide if I wanted to be her ;with the placid brave heart and presuming stability or be on her and battle her streaks of hair to reach her gazed up eyes. To be able to know how her mind fluctuates with healing essences of varied thoughts and how she holds her silver words in her pursed lips. I would love to know how she is when she’s alone and how she would be when she sleeps, and I wonder if she tells me all or is there still a cave in her heart untrodden. I want to visit that, I want to visit her …..everyday.


Love song by a broken heart…..

When a heart breaks with a silent scream,
i wished that u heard it but u never did,
when i fell down you didnt hold me,
then its not you its me.

Baby how can you expect me not to care,
you can murder me ,
but with only u spare me my death.

Cause i only wish is alife with you ,
where i love you and you love me too.

Cause i’d die, i’d die with all the pain..
But PLEASE let me fall in your arms.
It would be the best kind of death for me.

Where your tears would seep in me,
where your love would reach me,
that atleast wudn’t be worse than lose of love to me……..