I couldn’t explain
how being in the between felt like,
Of assumption and thoughts could all be baseless.
I breathed doubt’s on afternoons,
And night were spent in despair.
How must love be felt?
How must be another soul dealt?
How must I be of someone else’s
When I never could love myself?


Nostalgic sounds….

Are we alone,

With nostalgic  sounds taking over our beings,

Being reminded we are barren souls,

With hollow bones and flesh sinned,

With steps like whisper,

And voices howling,

We deny the  most desired feels,

Are we alone in this world,

With nostalgic sounds taking over

Our beings…….




Nothing i Regret….

Tell me that you never loved me,
Throughout i see just lies,
Whenever i write about love,
You just crawl up my head,
I break myself open,
Never have i lost you in myself,
I killed myself with your love,
Nothing i regret,
Through and through my pages,
Your lies falls down sweet,
As i feed on them on a binge,
So tell me you never loved me,
I’d care less,
Cause I’ve fallen for you,
Nothing i regret……

I Surely Own!

My hands working on dirty white sheets,
the bright yellow sun gives dark shadows,
im tired of all the love,life n pleads,
it turns cold around and i fell close,
a ray straight on my face, shivery dose.
A very blurred picture stands straight,
my hrt skips few beats,
i try to catch u it but its too late,
after so many losing i doubt my fate,
a very slow whisper shakes me up,
a very u feel winds all the stuff,
it makes me mad,reatless n angry,
the signs u give r so clue free,
i drop dead with noone just alone,
but stand back, n all the feelings ,
come back of you, which now ,