About a Man.

Couldn’t claim him foolish,
For wit was placed on the edge of his  eye.
Old charm eloquent speaker
Had salty remarks dusting his pride.

Clever Dainty gestures for ladies,
Sombre Stately frowns for life.
Indifferent was this Man of Concrete,
And different was his high.

Prestige lay open in his chest
And orderly was his laugh.
A similar taste had his stare,
None could escape his vision fair.

I had but only a single charm,
Of a weak stature and poor dime,
A humble request with an enduring shine.
An only smile to match his pride…….




I never knew  how strong  his arms were,

Until now,

As i see how they held all my emotions in place,

He had  power  in his eyes,

That connected  me to his fate,

His breath  made me believe  in life,

In love , in Him always,

He was my world,

Now turned  away………

Girl with a Warrior’s Soul

Fallen  on the ground  so hard,

That now i know the  worth of standing  tall,

Fell for lies so bad,

That now i knowwhat expense truth carries….

So i held up my head high,

Closin my eyes  i run,

I don’t  want to be someone

Who never tried…

I’ll lose if so,

Let it go,

I wanna be the girl,

With a Warrior’s Soul…..


you still reside……

I wonder where you are now?

How are you?

What you might be doing?

Cause i seem to be silly,

But i only know I’ve  fallen for you,

So i write this little  letters,

Describing  your smile,

The way your hair rests on your forehead,

And how your thoughts make me shy,

These little  letters  decribes how i feel,

They  are your memories  i choose ,

I choose to fool myself  for you,

They tell stories  of our love,

Never ending lies……

I smile to the thought of you,

Tangles in these emotions,

Painful  happiness  or sad  joy,

I never seem to  understand,

These little  letters,

That i treasure  still hate,

These little letters makes me  die little,

But live more outside,

The are only reason that in my heart,

Baby you still reside……



what reminds me of you….

What reminds me of you,
Is not that You stayed,
Its the memories of when u left,
Memories i hate…..

not that shirt ,
But your smells that lingers on it,
Not your smile,
But your laughter that chases….

Not your eyes,
But your sight that always,
Comfort my haste……

What reminds me of you is not you,
But your soul that i fell for …….
I love you…..