I couldn’t explain
how being in the between felt like,
Of assumption and thoughts could all be baseless.
I breathed doubt’s on afternoons,
And night were spent in despair.
How must love be felt?
How must be another soul dealt?
How must I be of someone else’s
When I never could love myself?



Wickedly he smiled at all shores,
My mind slipped from another cord.
His cigars with fog of horrors
And his posture of a king’s clan.
Where his shadow casted
Was proclaimed his kingdom.
And his mane wavered with a chaotic roar.
Though such mighty was this Man of Steel,
Such Aura had his Glare,
His words were empty of truth
And his soul lacked a character.
It’s all in the core they say,
I’ve been of bad fortune then
Only have been treated cold
Valour though his appearance shades
Shallow is his Soul.

12 August 2016
┬ęzygerina’s blog

what reminds me of you….

What reminds me of you,
Is not that You stayed,
Its the memories of when u left,
Memories i hate…..

not that shirt ,
But your smells that lingers on it,
Not your smile,
But your laughter that chases….

Not your eyes,
But your sight that always,
Comfort my haste……

What reminds me of you is not you,
But your soul that i fell for …….
I love you…..