And for once I couldn’t decide if I wanted to be her ;with the placid brave heart and presuming stability or be on her and battle her streaks of hair to reach her gazed up eyes. To be able to know how her mind fluctuates with healing essences of varied thoughts and how she holds her silver words in her pursed lips. I would love to know how she is when she’s alone and how she would be when she sleeps, and I wonder if she tells me all or is there still a cave in her heart untrodden. I want to visit that, I want to visit her …..everyday.


A Lie….

Your breath consoles me,
Asks me to stay,
While i break in your arms,
Losing faith….

Your fingers in my hair,
Kissing my tears,
My hands in your hands,
Dissolving fears…

Im closing my eyes,
Embracing you tight,
You’re disappearing in front of me,
You’re my dream,a lie……

I Envy You !!!!!

I envy you,
The way you are made,
Filled with insignificant grace,

The way your eyes have this sparkle,
Will make me go blind someday,
Cause i cannot stop staring at them,
Everytime we lay.

The way speak,
What you speak,
Your voice ,
Its makes me a waste..

You know you’ve got me crazy,
Thinking about you all day,
Hating to love you as ever,
Baby i fail……

I envy your sarcasm,
That stands so tall yet sweet,
I envy your pride ,
wrapped in generous pleats.

I try so hard to win you,
To lose myself entirely,
Yet we always play,
To cross over the shades….

I envy you ,
The way you are made,
Filled with insignificant grace!!!!!

In your Mysterious Love!!

What if i only wake up to see your eyes,
To only hear your voice,
To breathe your existence,
I never lie,
So i fall in your arms,
Let me break down,
Hold me up,
So i can shatter down,
Cause i love to kill myself ,
In your mysterious love,
It makes me selfish ,
Yet alive,
I wanna die for you,
Want to feel what its like?,
Destroy my existence,
For the soul i shy,
Let me break down,
Hold me up,
Shatter me down,
Cause I’d love to kill myself,
In your mysterious love……….

Inside ……

Here we stand all alone,
Gazing your selfishness in dark,
Nobody has been here,
We make sure nobody will be here,
A secret so dark!

We see our flaws,
And broken commitments spreading their arc,
It seems to be growing bigger ,
Everytime you ask….

We hide our insecurities,
Under a mask of pride,
And run along with the other fakers,
Supreme or subside?

We taste our alter ego,
And throw the shame,
The real self is never been asked,
How much its been in pain…..

So we leave our innocence and
Climb the fame of mountains afar,
Only knowing its just we as
have become from inside
Worthless Fake and Dark!

Breathing Lies…….

Tell me you love me,
And that you always will,
Make me trust you,
Cause u know i love you too…..

In this lost world,
Why hold grudges for,
The most loved entity,
The love im most ruined for…..

So run your fingers through my hair,
And lie if you have to,
Tell me you love me,
I wanna be where it leads us to….

So if your betrayal kills the dark,
And my dark stays to lit,
You know im too sane to begin with,
I have lost my mind to it…..

So tell me you love ,
Cause your breathing lies,
Are what now keeps me alive………