Wouldn’t I know?



As i turn the pages of my diary!

As im turning the pages of my diary,
i see a little girl writing about her toys,
how much she loved them, really annoys.

Few pages ahead,
now she writes about nature,
little girl doesnt even know what is future!

Pages turned now she’s a preteen,
hating her parents so rude they seem.

Couple of pages ahead,
now she writes about love,but,
does she even know what it is?,
No, she’s so gasped in the i dea of it.

Few more pages turned,
now a prince charming appears,
that page is the most beautiful,
that page of hers shine like pearls.

As i turn ahead the diary turns,
into beautiful expression captured in words.

There comes a hurdle and she crosses over it,
but soon she realized the prince falled from her
diary in it.

All her diary out of a sudden turns so grey,
it goes down in depression in sadness it lays.

As it urn back the pages of my diary,
tears roll down my cheek.
How happy i was back then,
when i didn’t knew what Love was……..