About a Man.

Couldn’t claim him foolish,
For wit was placed on the edge of his  eye.
Old charm eloquent speaker
Had salty remarks dusting his pride.

Clever Dainty gestures for ladies,
Sombre Stately frowns for life.
Indifferent was this Man of Concrete,
And different was his high.

Prestige lay open in his chest
And orderly was his laugh.
A similar taste had his stare,
None could escape his vision fair.

I had but only a single charm,
Of a weak stature and poor dime,
A humble request with an enduring shine.
An only smile to match his pride…….




He said,
For when he knows
I’ll be crying
He’ll never choose this day.

Tragedy named
Brutal is this
Fate’s play.

He gambles across his life,
But my smile
Stays at stake,
Heartless is this player,
His promises are fake.

But he comes back with
Apologies and
I succumb for dear life,
Because immoral
Stays his love in me,
Immortal like his lies……..

¬© Zygerina’s Blog

Gambling again.

Sublime a curse this fortnight,
A bijou wordplay be spared,
Causality of this sin be overlooked,
I’m falling in love unfair.

A peril custody has escaped,
But shattering delinquent,
Never retires this phase,
Oblivious to this perfidious,
I !might gamble again like always…

Dices thrown over life,
Doth not right be strangled,
Insight of delirium fools again ,
This Winner won,
Contrived my Soul Again.

¬©zygerina’s Blog
8 March 2016.

Shall i breathe….

Another day just passed by ,
Under the shade of Melted lights,
My soul greeds forbthe unknown bliss,
And my heart longs for your poisonous kiss,
Shall i breath or end this misery,
Into your strong arms,
Or live this hiss…

I stay here for your gleaming eyes to wipe my
Streaming tears off,
Alone with a look ,
Spare me your love,
I shall cover myself with it alone,
Loving your soul to the core…..