And for once I couldn’t decide if I wanted to be her ;with the placid brave heart and presuming stability or be on her and battle her streaks of hair to reach her gazed up eyes. To be able to know how her mind fluctuates with healing essences of varied thoughts and how she holds her silver words in her pursed lips. I would love to know how she is when she’s alone and how she would be when she sleeps, and I wonder if she tells me all or is there still a cave in her heart untrodden. I want to visit that, I want to visit her …..everyday.


Fear of Unknown

Tears drown me at night,
A slight ache I bear all day,
Afternoons rust this restlessness,
And stumbles the scared evening again.

I keep the doors closed,
Though my heart can’t bear this wind,
Nor my trembling thoughts would calm,
Staring across this pettish mind of mine.

Screams empty of voice,
Fills the sanity of my soul,
Still no peeks no cares,
Erase  this fear,
This fear of Unknown.

25 March 2017
©Zygerina’s Blog

Rust on my paintings.

Rust on my paintings
Vaguely cries
A fair so sadly
Debts me overpriced
Oblivious to insolent
No gasps of surprise
As the time falls over
Rust on  paintings
Vaguely cries.


©zygerina's blog

This is my recent painting ‘Delirium’.
[If you want to buy the original or a print contact me]

©Zygerina’s Blog
Please do not use the picture without permission.

Her colors.

She endeavored to erase her fears
Her chastity needed to be firm
Amongst the crowd she craved appreciation
Or a fanciful applaud to endure.

Like a pagan she grew from the soil
But her feets were curdled in froths of dark
Whenever she failed to taste dear victory,
She howled to herself,
She needs her compromising.

But violet were her dreams
And discolored her fractions,
Sour her words
And bitter her artistry.

A girl with a lilac face
Covered in Black History.


He said,
For when he knows
I’ll be crying
He’ll never choose this day.

Tragedy named
Brutal is this
Fate’s play.

He gambles across his life,
But my smile
Stays at stake,
Heartless is this player,
His promises are fake.

But he comes back with
Apologies and
I succumb for dear life,
Because immoral
Stays his love in me,
Immortal like his lies……..

© Zygerina’s Blog

Can i have you here?

Today my heart beats so fast,
will till tommorrow my breathe last,
my heart breaks into pieces,
as my emptiness chases.

It feels like tommorrow,u holding me there,
whereevr i’d be you look stared,
your love got me soaring above,
you’re not here, so what do i do now?.

After few days it will be 2 years,
and funny now your name belongs to her,
in this 2 years there’s not a day,
ive not missed you.

Finding some ways to tell you,
baby i still love you,
my heart screeches with wounds of betray,
my mind gets filled with ur thoughts as i lay.

Baby im so dead and then u smile,
i want u near and then u’re away by miles,
i just want you near,
a forever end i fear.

The only thing i’d ask you today,